Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Days 17 & 18: Peace, and Green

I've been feeling frantic. Between my kids who won't nap, trying to stay on top of Natalie's messing in everything, Sam thinking she's a newborn who needs to eat every 2 hours, and getting Christmas sewing done...I'm kind of a mess. During the day, anyway. I don't deal with stress very well, and not getting enough sleep doesn't help. What I wouldn't do for just a few uninterrupted hours...

I'm a night owl by nature, always have been, and it's the only time I get "me-time". The only time I get any peace and quiet, uninterrupted (unless Sam wakes up), to just work - or not work, whichever I feel like. The past few nights, however, even I've thought were ridiculous. I've been up until FIVE. So, I finally released myself from almost half of the sewing I was going to do. This may mean that some gifts won't be given, and I'm disappointed by that - at the same time, I have less than 6 days left, and I was throwing myself into a panic trying to work all day and all night. There's nothing saying that I can't just give gifts to people later, just because, or save them for next year - and once I embraced that, I finally felt like I could breathe again. Christmas isn't supposed to be this panicked.
 This is a somewhat blurry photo of my living room, right now. It was just cleaned and vacuumed this evening (thanks, Dave!), and just looking at it makes me feel a little more relaxed. I am not the most organized person in the world, I will admit that. But I feel 10x more agitated when my floor is messy, or my dishes are sitting in the sink unwashed. Having a full laundry basket makes my blood pressure rise. (I do have a few OCD tendencies - but then I think many people do.) Thankfully the laundry got done tonight too, so it's a rare gem of a night. ;) It's peaceful - just me, my computer, and a Christmas tree! I keep it all lit up until I go to bed because the room just looks sad if it's unplugged...
Green used to be my favorite color, until that spot was usurped by red. It's still one of my top five, though. I'm not really sure why. There's something calm about it, more so to me than blue. I know it's supposed to be the color of jealousy, or envy, but I think green gets a bad rap there. I don't see it. To me, it's calm and cool. And maybe it's the season, but it lends itself to a joyful mood too - it may not be warm, but it's happy and cozy.

Speaking of cozy - these are pieces cut out for a reversible unisex fleece hat, with cute little earflaps! And it's just happens to be green. ;) (It's a bit of a stretch, I'm sorry - but honestly, the only other green thing in here worth photographing at the moment is the tree - and that's a little overworked this month.) This color comes across terrible in my poor desk lighting, but it's not the prettiest shade of green it's perfect for a men's fleece hat! ;) (Since when do they care about pretty, anyway.) This is one of the gifts I was going to try to make for a few people, so - well, just wait, you might get one yet anyway. Winter isn't over after Christmas (unfortunately).

I used a green fleece blanket that I've had lying around for a while, and this pattern and tutorial by Crafty Gemini. It's a video tutorial, and a good one - geared toward beginners, so I'm pleased to say I managed ;) I've made one for Dave already, and once I have the leisure to sew "at my leisure", I will be making more!

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