Saturday, December 14, 2013

Days 13 & 14: Toys; The weather outside is...

Circumstances out of my control kept me off of here last night...Sam would not go to sleep! It was well after one a.m. before she finally decided it was bedtime. Also, I was working frantically on Natalie's Christmas dress, and finished hers as well as Sam's this morning.

The dresses are made from quilter's cotton, white with a white leaf print, and crushed taffeta. I found a remnant at Joann Fabrics, and it was just enough - the skirts aren't as wide and twirly as I would have liked, but the dresses overall will be a bit too big I think so it should work. I haven't tried them on the girls yet, and I don't know what I'll do if they don't fit...
On the neckline and the sleeve and skirt hems I tried to mimic the leafy pattern with gold metallic thread and a decorative stitch. 

Yesterday's theme for the photo challenge was toys - and I have to roll my eyes a little. Not at the theme - but I thought we were having a "smaller" Christmas this year - the girls are so young yet and we're in such a small place that there really wasn't any point in going overboard. Natalie is getting a couple things that I picked up over the summer, and I'm making Sam an Amish puzzle ball - kind of a neat little toy, I've never seen one before! Then I have a huge tote of MegaBlocks that I got at a garage sale, so that will be a joint gift for them. I thought that was more than enough, and then our neighbor came to the door one day and asked if Natalie had a dollhouse. Well. She does now, and what a dollhouse.

A three story, bigger-than-she-is Barbie house. Plus Barbies. Plus My Little Ponies. Natalie can climb into the dollhouse and fit (more or less) comfortably lying on the floor...I know this because she's done it, and gotten stuck on the third floor.

I'm not worried about her for Christmas this year, that's for sure. 

Today's post is about the weather, which is - well, frightful. Dave said tonight "I hate when the night sky in the winter is so clear. It just means it'll be bitter cold tomorrow." I never thought I would like having a cloudy sky, but I agree with him. It's a disappointing -1 F tonight (-18 C), and tomorrow's high is a balmy FOUR DEGREES (about -16 or so C). Oh, we'll all be playing and enjoying...board games, in a cozy living room. 

Our snow outside isn't all yellow, really. It's just the interesting lighting and my interesting camera. :p But those trees - they just look cold, and the sky is clear and deep blue and starry. It's rather pretty, but I hate the cold so much that I can't enjoy it properly. Monday should be about 20 degrees warmer, though - I'm sure we'll all be celebrating in our t-shirts!

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