Saturday, December 7, 2013

Day 7: Family

Wow, I'm just running behind the last couple of days...I'm going to post and run, as I was up until 5 last night (this morning?) and now tonight was falling asleep while nursing the baby, and she didn't go down until 11:30. I go between "What is with my kids?" and being glad that they're night owls like I am, so at least I'm not up late and getting up early. Good thing I have a few years before I have to worry about school hours! ;)

So I'm late again, but hopefully this won't become a habit. Today's pictures aren't actually *my* pictures, my sister-in-law took them. But they are of my family, and one of them will be our Christmas card this year. I ordered prints for home delivery from Walmart, so we'll see when they get here. To be fair, that's how I've done our cards the last two years, and I've been happy with the results every other time!

The expression changes in each of these are cracking me up. Sam goes from bored, to "Don't look at me!", to gleeful, back to bored. Natalie (as usual) is in varying stages of discontent. I think I was the most focused one, but it may have been just because I was hoping to be done soon (NOTHING against my photographer ;) I just really, really hate having my picture taken.) And I have no idea what Dave was doing. Probably reacting to the peanut gallery we had joining the session! heehee (It was Dave's family's picture day as well, since all the siblings were in the same place for the first time in a while.) He'll probably not appreciate me putting these up here at all, but that's okay. I think we're an adorable family, don't you? ;)

This Christmas will be the first since we've been married that we'll be all together as a family, spending the holiday with family. Our first Christmas I was pregnant with Natalie, living with my parents while Dave was deployed. Our second Christmas I was in North Carolina with Natalie, and Dave was deployed again. Last year I was pregnant with Sam, and we were all (still) in North Carolina! Now this year all my siblings will be in town, and we're still figuring out which family to spend what days with and when - we have choices. What a nice problem to have!


  1. I love this post on family! It made me feel lonesome for mine, and wishing we had a few more CHOICES as well this year.....funny to think that I used to WANT Christmas's all alone. It's all about availability, I guess.

    1. Everything is relative ;) I actually didn't mind our last Christmas all by was nice to have the focus on our little family too! This year is just something different, once again :)