Thursday, December 5, 2013

Day 5: Light

Today's theme is light, and I'm going to go with a bit of an obvious one - a Christmas tree light.

Funny story. When I set up the tree, and connected all the plugs (it's a pre-lit), half of it wasn't lighting up. I panicked. "This can't be. I am NOT unraveling all these stupid lights off this stupid tree. But it's either that or go through every single bulb with a working one...which is worse? Why me?" and so on. So I told Dave to come look, and what did he think I should do.

He studied the tree for a minute, and then reached in and...well. I hadn't connected all the plugs.

Cue sighs and eyerolls. (From me.) Snickering. (From him.)

As if. How was I supposed to remember that there were four connections on a three-section tree. Three sections, three plugs, right? Because logic.

Well, ya got me again, logic.


It wasn't this one's fault.

I love leaving the tree plugged in, all by itself, for just a minute before going to bed. There's something so serene about all the little lights twinkling in the darkness - how small they are, yet they can light up the room if given the chance. 

I love driving by houses at night and seeing their trees and candles set in the windows, casting their soft glow.

I love the lights of Christmas.


  1. you, me, and my two year old! After the little one goes to bed, I turn on all the lights (if they weren't already on) and just sit a minute at some point before I go to bed too. She has her own set of lights that she hauls to her bedroom and plugs in to go to bed and then hauls back out in the morning to plug in to look at all day! :) Lights make Christmas calm (for me).

    1. :) I love that she has her own set of lights! Might be a good idea for Natalie...she would love it!