Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Day 3: Red

Today's theme is red, and I'm seeing it...not just in these photos, but because of them. Or because of Blogger, more accurately. I want to have bigger pictures here, but if I want them to be side by side, Blogger won't let me. It makes them look side-by-side here, and as soon as I preview what the blog will actually look like, they're one below the other or kitty-corner.

I had my camera set to most vivid colors, and I'd say that part worked anyway! :) The little angel is from the nativity on my shelf, in her pretty red robes she stands out even though I stuck her in the back. ;) And then our gorgeous tree skirt, which you could probably see the detail on better if it weren't so vivid...oh well. Can't win 'em all. It was a cheapy from WalMart but I actually think it's quite pretty, and it'll work just fine til I get around to making my own! I have a great pattern, too...just have to find time, so - maybe next Christmas. :P

Red is my favorite color, so I guess I shouldn't mind seeing it every now and then. ;)

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