Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Day 25: Celebrate

I know this is kind of unbelievable, but I do not have one single picture of today.

Not one.

My cell phone doesn't take spectacular pictures, as you probably know, so I didn't bother taking it out of my pocket all day. And true to form, I plugged my camera battery into the charger last night, put my camera right in front of it on the counter...

and left them there. Dave came back to our apartment twice today (from my parents' house, where we spent Christmas Day with my siblings) and I never managed to remind him to grab the camera. Because I'm talented like that.

So here are a couple of pictures from last night that I managed to get before the battery died. (Sometimes I hate this rechargeable battery business. Bring on the single-use AAs.)
Pre-gift opening, Natalie had been sick that morning. We didn't think we'd be going out anywhere, so we put out our gifts under our own tree, and let the girls attack. Natalie also got the rest of the wrapping paper as a cape. ;)

 Then she opened all the presents, including Sam's. Sam really couldn't have cared less - she just wanted the paper after it was off the box. "Ohh, diapersh!" Natalie said. (We didn't get her diapersh.)
My Sammy girl.
But then - surprise! - Natalie actually hadn't been acting sick all day, so my in-laws said go ahead, come over. So we had Christmas AGAIN, there. And I don't think anyone is sick because of Natalie...;) At least, if they are I haven't heard yet.

Then this morning we headed over to my parents', and had Christmas for a third time. The girls were properly spoiled with all kinds of toys, clothes, and candy, and lots and lots of BOOKS. Which makes both of them, and Mom, very happy. We love stories here! :) Also, today we found out that my brother-in-law asked his girlfriend to marry him, and (of course) she said yes! 

So we had much to celebrate. A fun-filled, family filled holiday stretching over two days, with lots of good food and singing and love. I hope that everyone had a safe, happy Christmas eve and day, and that the joy continues into the New Year!

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