Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Day 24: Carols

We are sick.

I've had a cold for a few days, and Sam has been a little stuffy too. Dave seems to be fine, but this morning Natalie woke me up, crying. I went in to discover that she'd puked on her bed. Thinking it was just because she'd been crying/snotty/gagging, I cleaned it up and went about my day like usual, giving her breakfast...

that was a mistake. It all came back up about 10 minutes later. So now she's banned from eating anything heavier than a popsicle, and we're sticking to water. Which is awful, for her, because she loves milk, and all those little snacks she's used to having throughout the day, she can't touch. Try explaining to a toddler why she can't eat... :(

So we'll be on our own for Christmas Eve, and perhaps Christmas Day too - although if this is a quick bug, and she doesn't puke for the rest of the day, then maybe we'll risk it. I don't know.

It's all right. We can make it feel a little more Christmas-y in here. We have a pretty lit up tree and some candy canes (that she can't eat, but oh well). All our presents are wrapped and waiting, and we have a very pretty CD of Christmas songs sung by a church choir to play and cheer us up. If we can't go out and carol with family, we'll bring the carols in. Already the calm is settling in the house, and I've just turned on the CD player. Beautiful music is one of the best parts of Christmastime, whether it's on a CD, or the radio, or sung with friends and family. I hope your holiday season is filled with friends, family, fun, food, and the carols of Christmas.


  1. Oh no, Merl! What a bummer to be left on your own after making plans to be with others! We really enjoyed our Christmas this year, just focusing on all of Cheerio joy, and I hope you were able to, also!

    1. It all came out okay and we managed to get out after all :) (I did get your text btw but long after :P not so good about checking my phone the last few days.) Need to go look at your pictures, hope you had a Merry Christmas too!!