Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Day 16: Decorations

My decorations are minimal this year, bordering on nonexistent. I have a tree, with a few ornaments and an angel. I have a nativity set on a shelf over my couch. My Christmas cards from family and friends are taped onto a closet door.

I've been too busy making gifts to even think about decorating! Not that I want to change that - better to have something to give. I may have mentioned I don't have that "decorating gene"? ;) Not to mention my procrastination levels are off the charts, as always. I've made a solemn promise that after Christmas I will start planning and creating for next year, so that I'm not in a frantic rush a week (a week!) before Christmas again...we'll see how that works out.

Having time to leisurely sit and craft sounds lovely, doesn't it?

Here are some little decorations I have been working on - I found a tutorial for these sweet little Christmas tree ornaments, and the hearts I drew and cut myself, and they will be stuffed into little pillows to hang on the tree as well.

Tree ornaments are my favorite Christmas decorations. While garlands and things on shelves are fun to make and fun to look at, ornaments will always have a place of honor on the tree. There's no guesswork, no pondering where to put them, which makes them ideal for a non-decorator like me. Just hang them up, and there they are, looking beautiful! They're fun to pick out in the stores, fun to create yourself, and can become heirlooms to pass on. Growing up we all had our "special" ornaments, ones we'd received as gifts, commemorating special occasions, or handmade as a school project. Those that belonged to us, we would hang on the tree ourselves, and each child knew not to take and hang any ornaments belonging to another. Tree decorating was always my favorite part of the time leading up to Christmas, and it still is. I look forward to it every year, and I'm always a little depressed the day after we take it down - the living room looks so bare and lonely for a while afterward.

What's your favorite part of Christmas decorating? What special decorating traditions did you grow up with? I love comments, leave me some!


  1. I absolutely LOVE setting up the nativity scene! It seems like so many people always set theirs exactly the same, but I like getting creative and arranging things where people *might* not expect!