Friday, December 13, 2013

Day 12: Tradition

Guess what.

I found my camera charger and battery.

Guess what else.

Natalie didn't run off with them and hide them. I did. I mean, I stuck them on top of the fridge to keep them away from her, and in the aftermath of the ring incident, forgot and decided she did it instead. *heavy sigh*

Toddlers. They get blamed for everything, and it's really not fair. They only actually do about 98% of it.

Traditions. Christmas is full of them, and every family's traditions are different. Growing up, the stockings were hung on the stair railing (with care, and only a little bit of chaos) until Christmas Eve, when Santa Claus would remove them, fill them up with small gifts, socks and underwear (another tradition!) and nuts and candy - and an orange in the toe. (Another one!) They were placed under the tree to await excited children in the wee hours of the morning. The rule was, no presents were touched until Mom and Dad were up and had their coffee (a process that took probably 5 minutes, but felt like hours); but the stockings were fair game! I'm not sure if it was designed to prolong the kids' fun, or prolong the parents' sleep...probably the latter.

There are 10 children in my family, and seven of the ten have stockings handmade by Gramma. I'm lucky enough to have picked up the tradition for my own children, as well as my husband - and I will be making a stocking for each of my remaining three siblings without their own yet. I have to hand it to Gramma - the seven of us weren't the only grandchildren she made them for, and these things are time consuming. Like nothing else. Sewing is rewarding almost instantly - even if it takes a few hours to complete a small garment, you see progress within a few minutes. Cross-stitch...well, you're lucky to see progress after a day or two, and that's working steadily. But I enjoy it, really I do. If I'm not in a time crunch, like I am now finishing the baby's, it's relaxing, and fun.

Those of you who have read since the birth of this blog (or have gone back and read from the beginning) will recognize the second picture, but it's much more advanced now! Sam's stocking is still a work-in-progress, months later (though not steady work by any means). I have the border on top to do yet, as well as some snowflake and word embroidery and outlining. The other picture is the stockings I finished for Dave and Natalie last year, and my stocking that was lovingly made by Gramma, and is still in perfect condition 20-some years later. I only hope my work holds up as well.