Sunday, December 29, 2013

*cough*bragging*cough* I mean, a pattern review!

So in the past few months I've been lucky enough to test three different patterns for three different designers, and it's about time I said something about them. Ready set go...

First up, the Bubblegum Dress from Candy Castle Patterns. Rebecca is the designer, and she's - well, awesome, in a word. I own a few of her patterns now and I love them all, and fully intend to buy more. A while before I tested the Bubblegum I had purchased the pattern for her Princess Dress (intending to do a group sew-along, which I promptly got behind on). However, I did manage to eventually finish not one, but two of them, one for each of my girls. I posted a little about them here. Those dresses are the first (but not last) clothing items I've ever made that I am really and truly proud of, and my girls have both worn theirs more than once, so an all-around success I'd say.

I posted the link to my blog when I signed up for the Bubblegum testing, and Rebecca must have liked them, because I was picked! It was my first time ever testing, and after that I was definitely hooked. I love testing. I love the whole process, getting to see something new, putting in my two cents on someone else's work - it's kind of amazing. And then of course there's the (huge) perk of a free pattern when all is finished!\

These are all my Bubblegums (so far - I WILL be making more). This is one of the fastest, easiest, and most fun (funnest, deal with it) patterns I own, and I'm not just saying that. No one told me to write that, I came up with it ALL BY MYSELF.

The pictures are all out of order and also placed all wonky because, well, you know why. Blogger hates me, I don't understand HTML and placement and blah-blah-blah wah-wah.


My original test dress was the pink and purple polka dots, for Sam. I was having so much fun I decided Natalie needed one too. She was kind of obsessed with the "bugsh" (ladybug print) fabric, and I had some red with black dots to match and a little red/white chevron - just enough to squeak out a 3/4 size for her. She usually wears a 2T but I wanted it bigger to get more wear out of it - she's a growing girl!

Another thing I love about this pattern is that it's a wrap dress, so it really does grow with the child quite a bit. Plus, it can be a dress, then a tunic, then a wrap top - so depending on how fast they gain weight vs. height, they really could be wearing the same dress for quite a while.
There is also a hemming option rather than the bias tape, but I bought a bias tape maker specifically because of this pattern, so I could make my own (which I did for all five), and it's just SO. MUCH. FUN. I'm not even joking. I know some people hate doing it, but - um, you're crazy. It's delightful.

After I finished the first two, my sister and her husband and their baby girl moved from NC to ND, and stopped in MN for a couple of weeks on their way up. Obviously Lia needed a dress too, so I came up with the Batman one for her (my sister is kind of obsessed with Batman, and from what I hear Lia's following in her footsteps - she loves her dress!) She's under 6 months old and already has good taste! ;)

The last two are the fall colors dresses, which were Sam and Natalie's Thanksgiving outfits. Ordinarily I wouldn't have given special dresses for Thanksgiving a second thought, but after seeing on my Facebook groups everyone's discussions of their children's holiday clothes, I decided to throw something together - and the Bubblegum is perfect. I got those last two done in a day, and I'm not a very fast sewer (-ist? I never will get that right.) And that's with chasing my kids around, and occasionally remembering to feed and re-diaper them. ;) (For the record, I do feed them and re-diaper them regularly. They yell at me otherwise.)

The ties are meant to be on the side, but I have tied them in the back as well (handier for Sam, so she can't pull on them and untie her dress). I also have the Bubblegum Swing Dress add-on, which you can see examples of here. I haven't tried it yet, but I'm thinking they might need new dresses for Valentine's Day. Or Mother's Day, or whenever Dave lets me off my fabric-buying ban! ;) (heehee)

**I wasn't asked by anyone to do this - you all should know by now I just like to talk and brag about my own accomplishments and...stuff. And I really actually do like this pattern that much, just ask me.



  1. Okay, seeing as how I have no clue how to sew, and even though I would love to learn someday, that opportunity is not even close to being in the near future as far as I can tell, so the topic really doesn't even interest me much, I LOVE READING what you write. You make it so....funny...somehow!

    1. I think I do write how I talk, and I had to edit this a couple of times last night...rereading it, I kept going "oh my gosh, lady, SLOW DOWN" ADD was showing in the paragraphs. And my tendency to talk waytoofast. :P

      Would love to teach you how to sew someday!!