Monday, December 30, 2013

A double review from me to you. YAY!

^^I'm not being sarcastic, either. I just love them so much.

Once upon a time about a month and a half ago I was crazy, and signed up for two tests in the same day, not thinking I'd get either one of them.

I got both.

One was due on a Thursday and one the following Saturday, and I signed up on a Tuesday (or maybe it was Monday. Either way it was fast). But thanks to the quick and easy sews, good instructions, and - well, staying up late - it all got done. (Who am I kidding, anyway - I can stay up til three or four doing absolutely nothing! The sewing was good for me.) :)

I'm an incurable night owl.

Anywhoo. (see what I did there?)

Melissa from SewLikeMyMom (etsy shop is here) created the Kudzu Coverall & Dress pattern, and when one of the testers for the size range I signed up for had to pull out, I decided I'd sew a coverall and a dress! The bodices were the same, so some of it was batch sewing and the whole pattern was quite fast anyway.

The coveralls were a teeny tiny bit tight in the bodice, and way too long on the pants - but the dress was perfect. Hmm.

And then I realized that all that was totally user error. See, I'd sewed the side seams together before I was supposed to (that's what happens when I rush at 2 a.m.) and it's lined and then I had to sew them again...I know, it's just as confusing for me. So anyway the seams were pulled in more than they should have been and that was my own fault. And then the pants - sheesh. I can't read, I really can't some days. The pattern said how to cut them if I were to add a ruffle or a contrast band (which I did) - and did I listen? Nooo...

So anyway they're very long, but that's fixable, and Sam thought it was funny anyway, as you can see. And could still crawl. So it's okay. Crisis averted.

The only small thing I didn't like - the rise for the front and the back of the pants is the same, and I want it to be a little lower in the front. I kind of felt like the front of the coverall rode up a little too high, but I think that wouldn't matter so much on a younger baby. When they aren't mobile, it doesn't make a difference, but at this point Sam was just starting to move, so I noticed.

That, however, really and truly is personal preference, and something I can fix myself if I'm so inclined.

(Also the dress with that huge polka dot ribbon? That was so not in the plans. I had to put it there after I ripped a hole fixing the seam. :( I know, I know. I'm not supposed to tell you that. But I don't think the ribbon looks that great - what do you think?)

When I make her another pair I'll read. Or just remember. And I will make her another pair, because not only is there an adorable raccoon applique pattern, but there's an owl too! And if you look at the shoulders on the coverall closely-ish, you can see that they're pointed a little? They're EARS! How cute is that?

Natalie totally needs a raccoon dress. I can see it now.


My second test was for Meghan, the Sewing Geek (I'm not calling her names, that's her etsy shop.)

Meghan designed the Comfy Hoodie, which I was so thrilled to test even on short notice because I had JUST been thinking "Boy, I wish I had a nice hoodie pattern for the girls!" and then TA-DA! there it was. Not only that, but it comes in adult sizes too. If I'm ever feeling really ambitious I might make myself one...

(I do not selfish-sew. Maybe I should, but I don't. I guess I just like sewing tiny things better.)

Once again, I tested for Sam. I like to test for her size rather than Natalie's, because a) she's smaller, so I know I'll have enough fabric in my stash to do it and b) she sits nice(r) for pictures. Also c) she doesn't run away screaming when I try to put the clothes on her. Natalie has a sixth sense for handmade stuff, I think, and won't touch it unless I trick her and just throw them on over her head before she knows what's happening.

That sounds terrible.

*ahem* Front and back view of Sam's cozy fleece hoodie! It is so comfy and cozy, made with cuddle and regular fleece, and it's nice and stretchy and soft and warm. She wears it often, since it's so cold here. It's thin enough to go into the carseat with no issues, but still keeps her toasty. I did think the hood was too big at first, but the hoodie is a size bigger anyway - I wanted a bigger one, so she could wear it longer. No sense making her just-her-size when she's growing so much! After she'd worn it a couple of times I realized the hood was perfect, because it really does shield her face from the cold well!

She doesn't even yell when I make her wear it, either, Natalie. Take a hint.

*Also I know these pictures are really small and that's because they have to be. Because otherwise I can't for the life of me get them to stay nice and side-by-side, how I want them. If you want to see them bigger you can click them, or you can visit my flickr page, which I use specifically for my sewing/crafting photos.


  1. Well, since you ASKED, I don't much care for the polkadot band either, but its not I look at it and think "ew" either!

    1. I always forget to click notify me!

    2. Ha :) It isn't the right shade at all. And the dots are too big, I think. And it's stiff, because it's ribbon...oh well. I'll just make her a better one :)

    3. totally, then you can have a play dress and a church dress :)