Friday, November 29, 2013

A short post.

I hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving day! I did! We spent the day (eating, of course) at a rented hall with my husband's extended family - I believe there were 60+ in attendance, from babies up to the (great)grandparents! I made a gigantic dish of green bean casserole which was very quickly eaten - I'm not sure if that's so much a testament to my cooking abilities or just the importance of tradition. (psst. I don't even like green bean casserole.) I've been told I'm weird.

The holidays have been sneaking up on me this year, so it seemed that the big day came and went far too quickly. (Every day has been doing that, it is over a month again since my last post. I will try harder, I will, I WILL!)

So now here we are creeping up on December! I found a photo-a-day challenge on Pinterest, from this blog, and though I am not a photographer by any stretch of the imagination, I'm going to do it! For one, I've never done one before, and it sounds like fun. Two, it'll keep me coming back steadily! ;) My pageviews are still slowly going up so I know there is someone out there reading...thank you. I've just read over the daily themes for the challenge again and already my mind is whirring. I'm excited to try to stretch my creativity another direction and see how each theme will be interpreted.

(On a side-note: I love the internet. I really do. There are always the articles questioning if we're getting dumber because of Google, or if technology is tearing apart personal relationships - but the more blogs I read, the more groups I join on Facebook, the more I realize - it's just not that bad! This photo challenge, for one - even when it's one blogger's brainchild, others read it. They pin it. They share it. They're inspired, and challenged, and they share. One person posts a picture of their creation on a sewing group, and others ooh and ahh, they are inspired to create something of their own, and a bond of a sort is formed. The internet is like a big dysfunctional family. I LOVE YOU ALL!)

/weird tangent


I will be back, if not tomorrow, then December first! I'm working on two little projects that have been intimidating me immensely and they're both turning out well (I think), and I'm excited to share them as soon as - well, as soon as I have results worth sharing!

I will be back.

I promise.

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