Saturday, October 12, 2013


I realize that I never finished the mini saga of the Super Secret Hush-Hush Project, and I would like to quickly share it now...quickly because I'm not going to be around for the weekend, and I have things to do before I go! 

Anyway. It was blanket - a baby shower in a box! :) The idea came from something like this - having baby shower guests decorate squares for a blanket for the new baby, then putting them together in a quilt. 

Well, my sister was living across the country from everyone else at the time, and having her first baby! So I got ahold of family and friends in a couple of other states, sent them all a piece of fabric, and put them all together in a quilt for Baby -

Basting the quilt together w/ pins - I ended up tying it with yarn!
I think this picture actually got (a little of) every square. :)

Excuse the weird angle. I am NOT a professional or even semi-professional photographer, though once in a while I get a good shot by accident. This was not one of those times. I was trying to get the whole blanket. :) I interspersed brightly patterned fabric between the hand decorated squares. The quilt is very bright and busy and I hear that Baby loves it!                    


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