Wednesday, October 23, 2013

So, sew crazy. A word-filled Wednesday ;)

I've been sewing more in the past two weeks than I have in the past six months combined, I think. That's a good thing. I really do enjoy it, and it keeps me from getting bored (usually). Plus, I have the machine, may as well make it work for me! There is a church fundraising craft sale coming up, and I've been working on a few projects for that; then I joined a sew-along with Candy Castle Patterns Facebook group. (I fell miserably behind, but I did finish my dresses! Just a couple days late.) :) Plus I'm still (yes, still) working on that cross-stitch stocking for my baby, haven't touched those ornaments yet, and a baby quilt for my six month old. Someone give me a kickstart, please.

The princess dresses here I'm particularly proud of. They are what I consider my first "real" sewing project, being clothing that my daughters can actually wear. The seams are finished, the buttons are functional, and if the trim isn't my favorite or the pattern on the fabric perfectly lined up, well, that's okay. They're wearable, and I think they're beautiful. :) So thankful for a great pattern!

Sooo many ruffles.
This one I got smart and bought pre-ruffled trim. That will be done again.
My time would be better spent sewing than blogging, I think. So I'll just post a few pictures and go!
Finished baby dress front. That skirt print is so fun!
Finished toddler dress back. Love covered buttons, so so much!

Finished baby dress back. I do like the decorative stitching on this one :)

Finished toddler dress front. I don't LOVE the ricrac, but what do you do?
Scrappy laminated cotton bibs for the church sale.
I bound them with bias tape - never done this before!

This one is my favorite. Love the fall colors.
All the scrappys cut out!
Two are finished...fully reversible! Love the prints, too :)
Cloth dollies. Slightly modified a pattern for peanut babies from

Target baby bibs with appliqued animal heads. I cut them from a great large scale animal print I had in my stash.

I apologize for the wonky placement of the pictures. I haven't yet figured out the HTML business - I know how to get them placed in theory, but haven't been able to successfully put it into practice yet! Anyone that can help me out reading this? :)

I need more coffee this morning. Eating chips and salsa with my toddler (yes, she likes salsa. Better than I was at her age, she'll eat almost anything! Good girl :) ) - she was having so much fun, she decided to take off with the chips. Suddenly I realize I can't find my salsa, and naturally I assumed she'd taken that, too. After about five minutes of frantically searching (I was afraid it was on the floor somewhere, and I didn't want the baby getting into it) and asking repeatedly "WHERE IS THE SALSA?!?" to a bewildered toddler, I find the empty bowl (yes, I emptied it) behind my coffee cup.

It was a small bowl and a large coffee cup, but apparently not large enough... :P

My toddler thinks I'm crazy now. She's probably right.

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