Sunday, October 27, 2013

Christmas is kicking my butt.

Seriously. Come on. It's not even Halloween yet.

It's been an up-and-down day. Baby Sam got shots this morning, and she's been sad off and on today, but for some reason a nap was nonexistent. I'm hoping this means she'll sleep well tonight! I promised myself I'd get some ornaments done for the church sale coming up this week, but instead I was gone most of the day. On the plus side, I went to S.R. Harris today, for the first time! I've lived here most of my life and yet somehow I've gone this long without seeing it. Huh. Anyway, I got almost two yards of some nice dark stretch denim (I'm thinking Peek-a-Boo's skinny jeans for the girls) and two almost-a-yard pieces of minky (a blue dot and a purple star) - all for only $10.50! The minky was only that cheap because it's "damaged" - the back is a little marked and sticky in some spots, I'm hoping washing it will take care of that. If not, it's not all over the back. There'll be plenty of salvageable material there!

But then I come home and end up with these. It seems like with each successive one, I got the last step right, only to run into another snafu! And they're all obvious fixes, really. I just wasn't thinking it through before I started, and now - well, I've just given up for the night. It's 1:30 in the morning, and I'm just done.

I'll try again tomorrow. Maybe I'll be smart and write myself a tutorial first! ;)

(Ahem. Coming back here a month later just to say - I never did figure these darn things out. Well. I never came back to them. I found other projects to do instead, projects that behaved themselves and treated me well - take that, ornament things. Maybe I'll try again for Christmas :P. )

Exhibit A: Don't try to stitch up the cuff last.
Exhibit B: Add trim before turning.

Exhibit C: Make sure the trim and cuff line up.

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