Thursday, July 25, 2013

Read this post, if nothing else.


I would like to share two giveaways I've just been busily entering, in case anyone reads this yet. ;) Or if you've seen them somewhere else, that's okay too. They are really, really awesome giveaways. 

First, Consumer Crafts (think Michaels-esque) is offering up to $500 worth of merchandise to a lucky winner - as long as it's on your Pinterest WishList! So, go. Go click the link, and browse and pin away. I won't wish you luck, because that would mean I didn't win. ;)

Second, it's the Favorite Birthday Giveaway! This involves lots of following, pinning, and liking, and it's oh-so-worth-it. A KitchenAid Artisan mixer (red, my favorite color!), $300 gift card to Target (my favorite retailer - and they're all about RED!), and 10 cookbooks! 

I never win anything. I'm not afraid of jinxing myself, because it's true. can't win if you don't try, and if nothing else - I've got a whole pinboard full of awesome blogs to check out! Yay for inspiration!

Now if only my activity level matched all that inspiration. The Long List o'Projects has grown again. I got a box today with this ornament kit today - aren't they precious? I can see them on the tree already! Unfortunately, cross stitch takes me a bit of time - good thing it's only (well, the end of) July! I'll need the next few months. 

EDIT: A third giveaway, and this one is so easy to enter, as long as you have (or are willing to open) a Google+ account. Mini iPad giveaway from The Frugal Girls!

Alright, I'm publishing and walking away now. If I find any more I'll keep them to myself! :)

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