Wednesday, July 24, 2013

And on Wednesdays, I'll be quiet. Ish.

I've seen the Wordless Wednesday trend on several different blogs, and I like it. Personally, I know that I'm not very good about putting up pictures, and since it's hard to describe craft projects without pictures, at least I know I'll have to do it once a week! 

This already isn't very Wordless at all. Here are some beautiful cell phone photos for your viewing pleasure (the Toddler took off with my camera, or else I hid it so well that I can't even find it.)

Top left: Dimensions "Snowman Snapshots" cross-stitch stocking kit - for the Baby! If I get started now, maybe I'll get it done by Christmas...
The middle two are pinafores from an adorable Smashed Peas and Carrots tutorial. They're supposed to be reversible, but I messed  up on one of them so I decided they could just be opposites. You can see from the pictures that the two fabrics each took a turn being the outsides and linings. One has mismatched green and orange buttons, and one has matching yellow. I also made two matching diaper covers out of the fruit slice fabric! Those came from the excellent Perfect Diaper Cover tutorial by 
The top right and bottom pictures are a Jack Dempsey quilt square kit I've been working on for about three months, and finally finished! Putting together that quilt is just one line on my Long List o' Projects.

Which reminds me, here is the Long List o' Projects, which keeps growing:

I apologize for the poor quality. I'm not a photographer, and when the only camera I can find is a cell phone, well...

Next week I'll do better, and maybe I'll throw in a few less words. ;)

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