Friday, November 10, 2017

One Thimble: Issue 17!


One Thimble Issue 17 is out, and the theme is all about those bright colors, sassy style, and flavorful accents! Whether it's quick gift ideas or a perfect-for-embellishing denim jacket, Issue 17 is loaded up with adorable, fun patterns for everyone in your life. Make sure you watch the tour for a stunning women's dress and top, and I don't think I need to say this but taco appliques are for everyone.

So first things first. One Thimble includes a separate ZIP file with all the patterns, so you don't have to go hunting down pieces in the magazine. There are articles galore - lots of business based, such as a breakdown of social media and who/what in the handmade business each platform is most helpful for; photo editing/Insta-stories tips; podcasts (broken down by subject of interest!); and graphic design help. The podcasts article was really helpful for me. I don't think I've ever listened to any, and part of that was not knowing where to find them! The lists are perfect - now I can find some to try based on what I feel like hearing about (sewing, life in general, even parenting.) I do love to have some background noise while I'm sewing!


There are also exclusive coupons for patterns, fabric, even a handmade business - so make sure you get your copy and your discounts!

This issue includes 14 patterns. 6 are clothing, 8 non clothing. I am definitely putting the fabric wrap bracelets on my "to make" Christmas list - I love how quick and simple they are, and what's more easily customized to your recipient than fabric choice, with all the colors and prints at your disposal?
5 of the patterns are from the winners of the recent One Thimble competition, "Share a Sewn Project" that asked entrants to design a gift to sew. Those winners are the bracelet, teacher's gift set, bunny purse, fruit bags, and flower pincushion (posted here). I chose one of those gifts to sew up, as well as the Posse Cadet Cap + Visor from Apple + Fig.

I've sewn exactly one hat before, and it didn't go very well. I don't believe I kept it around very long. But the Posse cap went together so well, and the end result has everyone happy - me, because I did it! - and my girls, because My Little Pony is a must have around here, and they got to pick the fabric! I only had a half yard of the print, and didn't know what to do with it - with a simple polka dot lining, this pattern was perfect.

It comes in a large size range to fit small children up to adults, and my girls fall somewhere in the middle - this is a Large, with an elastic band on the back. It fits snugly and I'm assured it's comfortable! I used a fusible interfacing for the brim that isn't as stiff as I thought it would be (once it got bent a couple of times it gave up) but it does the job. There are interfacing suggestions in the pattern, so if you're like me and use a lightweight for everything because clothes are all you sew, don't fret! You'll know just the right ones to get, if you don't have something you "think will work" hanging around!

I love that there is a visor option, too - that'll be a fantastic option for summer, since none of us like wearing sunglasses!

The top of the hat is the perfect place to show off a favorite print (also the brim, if your print is small enough. Sam picked her favorite ponies to showcase, and they fit okay!)


The gift idea I chose to sew up is the Teacher's Gift Pack from one + two. I love these reusable coffee cozies - I'm going to make a few to keep in the car, because I never remember those cardboard ones when I make my Starbucks runs (plus, these ones are washable - and cuter!) They are such a fast sew, and the pattern also has a wine glass coaster that's just as quick and simple. I made up a couple of sets; we don't have wineglasses in our house so I can't model them, but the simple design allows the coaster to slip around the foot of the glass, keeping your tables ring-free, and if you make a bunch of different ones your guests can tell their glasses apart!

I used 1/4" elastic on my coffee cup cozies, but an even better option (and you can match colors) are elastic hair ties. They're just thin and strong enough to slip around a button.


What's next on my list? Besides the fabric bracelets, when all my Christmas sewing is caught up I'm making myself that fabric pincushion, and the denim jacket is calling my name. What pattern caught your eye?

Follow the tour (stops posted below) for all the inspiration you can get - and get your copy, so you can get sewing (plus, if you grab it this week, there's an early bird special OT calendar in it for you! Ends 13 November, so hurry!)








Saturday, October 28, 2017

Time to Dress Up! with the Dress Up Hoodie by Mouse House Creations

I've got a really fun one today! Hayley from Mouse House Creations just released the Dress Up Hoodie, a quick raglan style hoodie. (I finished the Mickey Mouse one, cutting to final stitching, in about an hour with my serger. I had to squeeze in another before ALL my daylight left!) With sizes from 6 months up to 12 years, it can be used a long time, and with the included options (plus your imagination), you never have to make the same thing twice (unless you want to!)

In the pattern are pieces and instructions for: 


That list gives you an awesome range of ideas for costumes, dress up, or just a cute hoodie! Off the top of my head, I can imagine expanding to reindeer, zebras, a Pegasus, dragons...not to mention the fact that you can just leave off all of the extras, and you have a very quick hooded raglan style top, which is perfect for fall.

This kid hates hoods - anything on his head. But he keeps this one on! He just loves the ears, and running back and forth pretending he's flying. We had a lot of fun taking a few pictures (the promise of Smarties candy helped ;) ) and he kept his hood on the whole time. I love the scuba style hood because it stays on and seems to be a little cozier, but unlike a different one I've tried, this one still fits loosely enough that he doesn't feel smothered in it.

I used a black French terry from a recent Pretty Posh Prints preorder, as well as yellow interlock from my stash and black cotton lycra from Purple Seamstress for the logo. I've never appliqued knit-on-knit before, but with a little Wonder Under it went on very smoothly, and I only had to do a straight stitch since knit won't fray! That made the points and curves on that bat a lot simpler. ;) 

The Dress Up Hoodie has options for solid sleeves (which I used for Mickey) and split sleeves, if you're using a cape option (like the birds, butterflies, and bats.) There is also a split hood option - if you're not adding ears or antlers, you can use the lining for both the outer and inner layers, but the split is a simple dart that lets you place ears on either side of the head. There is also a split back option for scales/spikes down the back.

And here's Mickey! Last year we bought Ethan a singing Mickey toy, which he was afraid of, so it was mostly ignored until recently. He's decided now that it's his favorite, so I had to use the mouse ears in the pattern and make him a quick Mickey Mouse shirt, too. I used cotton lycra in black, red, and white (all from Purple Seamstress.) I debated changing the cuffs to thumbhole cuffs, but he wouldn't use them anyway - I think they'd make great Mickey Mouse hands that way, though! Maybe when he's a little older.

Once again I used the split hood, and I added a little batting (and felt) in the ears to make them puff up a bit. Then I split the bodice horizontally (right on the join where I taped the pattern pieces together - I think it just happened to land on the perfect spot) and added seam allowance back on. I colorblocked the bodice and used a red waistband. The hood lining is a cute Mickey Mouse print (I think it's custom, but I honestly don't know where from because I bought it in a scrap pack!) - I had JUST enough to squeeze the hood shape out of it - couldn't have planned it better!

He's very pleased - kept grabbing the ears all night and yelling "Looka mee! Mickey Noush!"

I made him a 3T both times, and the French terry has more drape so it works better as an outerwear layer. The C/L is clingier, and he wore it by itself as a shirt. The only thing I have left to fix is the lack of detail - my fault! I wanted to put buttons on the red part to mimic Mickey's clothing, and can't find two big white buttons the same! (Go figure.)

We'll definitely get a lot of use out of this pattern. I like functional clothing over occasional-use costumes, and the design of this hoodie is perfect for that. Thanks, Hayley!

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Sew Back to School!

I hardly find time to blog anymore, but I wanted to do the Sew Back to School tour with Lulu & Celeste and Sprouting JubeJube, especially when I saw the list of designers sponsoring patterns! While I used a couple that I owned already from Gracious Threads, I also am really grateful to Phat Quarters, Sofilantjes, Filles à Maman, and Jalie for donating patterns to me for this post! Sofilantjes and Filles à Maman were not new to me, but the other two I hadn't tried yet, and I am pleased to say I have two more companies to add to my list of "loves".

I originally planned to sew for both daughters, but when it came time for pictures I found that not only did my experimental garment (more on that in a minute) fit my younger girl better, but she's also a much more willing model. Miss 6 just wasn't feeling it. ;)

My first "outfit" kind of ended up all over the place, but trust me when I say it's right up this girl's alley. She is fun, snappy, and silly all rolled up in a ball, and loves every piece I made. The mock turtle top and pretty vest are Gracious Threads' patterns that I owned previously, and hadn't had the chance to make. When I was looking for a simpler top that would stand on its own but not outshine the beautiful Glacier Vest, the Chestnut Tee seemed the obvious choice. Mock turtlenecks are my favorite on little kids! The Chestnut has quite a few different options; I went with short sleeves because I wasn't sure how cool it would be yet, and a simple cut.  The vest is intended for fun, fancy fabrics like faux fur (how about that alliteration!), and this stashed sweater knit (I don't even remember where it came from!) and pretty beads just pop. I lined it with some rayon spandex from Pretty Posh Prints, using thin strips of the same for the ties. Threading the beads with a darning needle was a challenge, but it got done and I'm so pleased with the result.

The Poppy Peplum Pants were kind of an impulse request but I'm so glad I did. They're really so much fun, and speak to Miss 4's personality perfectly. They have a "loose legging" fit, so perfect for school, and the peplum is a great way to add some flair to not-so-ordinary pants! That amazing houndstooth pattern cotton spandex is Girl Charlee's Bolt line, and the peplum is lined with more of the luscious rayon spandex (PPP). I rarely buy purple fabrics, and I was delighted to find a few on my shelves that I could throw together! It's Sam's current favorite color, so she's more than pleased.

The second outfit is the one intended for my oldest, but here's where it got tricky. I mashed a couple of patterns that I hadn't made before, and - I didn't muslin. I know, I know. I did put a lot of thought into it, and it does fit Sam (besides being too long, but that's okay/an easy fix). Nonetheless, I'm SO happy with how it turned out. I love the idea, and I know I can (and will!) do it again, knowing what I know now. 

Recognize anything? The top is a sneaky use of the Camellia from Phat Quarters, with a simple facing added, collar removed, and button placket shortened just a bit. (I will lengthen the bodice just a touch next time I do this!) There are metal snaps in lieu of buttons. The bottom half is Jalie's Vanessa Fluid Pants pretty much in their entirety; I really didn't do much different with that pattern. The waistband is sewn as written except I used two pieces instead of a folded piece, and attached the top raw edge to the Camellia bodice! The placket makes getting this jumpsuit on and off very easy. I am so in love with drawstrings (here I used a piece of ribbon I've had for years) and the grommets make it look polished. The elastic is great for ease of fit, and my flowy rayon dot crepe (LA Finch) is the perfect fabric! So soft and dreamy, and way easier to sew up than I was expecting. I need to work with finer apparel wovens more.

The jumpsuit needs a topper, and the Aura Bolero is just right. I love (lovelovelove) princess seams; they are so attractive and take a garment "up" just a bit. A simple button/loop closure at the neckline, and this lined cardigan is a surprisingly quick but polished finish to an outfit. I was going for playful but sophisticated, and Sam's hair (a DIY, not by me either) gives it an "edge" - yeah, we'll go with that. (LOL. Kids are fun, right?? Also note that her hair was NOT "edgy" for the other outfit - I guess we "planned" that pretty well, taking the pictures at different times!

) Fabric is also LA Finch, a geo hacci knit that I could buy bolts of and never have enough. (I may or may not have snapped up 2 yards after lamenting that I really shouldn't, just to make myself a sweater once I finished this one.)

While rompers aren't the most practical things for school in general, we're now homeschooling and since Sam is in a short day preschool, I think it works! The sweater is perfect for our cooler evenings, should we be out and about, and the vest adds a layer for chilly but sunny mornings when you just can't bring yourself to put on a coat! I had so much fun with these outfits - keep following our tour to see the other "back to school" looks!

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Sew Americana

I'm so happy I jumped on the Sew Americana tour this year! I've just loved all the inspiration and beautiful pieces I've seen this year, and I'm excited to share my sewing once again, as well! Not to mention my adorable kids. ;) Usually my girls are the subject of my blogging, so now it's the boys' turn! They are best buddies (most of the time) and I love seeing them together in matching outfits, while they'll let me dress them that way! E just loves his "BAYpee" brother.

Summer clothes are so much fun to sew - easy, casual, light! Since my boys are so small, I love pieces that can double as PJs - they love staying comfy. I love having matching sets of tops and bottoms, because it makes getting them dressed (for bedtime, or for playtime!) so much easier.

I love this poly blend fabric from Girl Charlee. I got a 1/4 yd piece in a bundle pack to begin with, and after squeezing a tank top out of it for Baby L, I had to get more so I could finish the outfits. I usually prefer cotton for kids' clothes, but this is light and soft, and I love the denim look! It has plenty of stretch, and I used it for the neck and armscye bindings on the tanks (and let me take this opportunity to mention how much I love my coverstitch, it made the whole process of binding everything so painless.)

I've kind of been in love with tank tops on my baby, and I've discovered that the On Your Mark tee from the Race Day collection by Kelly J Designs makes a wonderful tank top. The front has some great color blocking, but if you use the back piece (with the front neckline traced on one) twice, it makes the perfect fitting solid casual tank. Pair them up with some Harem Shorts by Little Kiwi's Closet, and you have a great casual outfit or pajamas in under an hour! I think I made both sets in 2 hours, print to final hem, and that was with the usual kid-terruptions.

The quilt they're sitting on is my version of the Shiplap Quilt by Rachel Rossi Designs. The Independence Day themed fabrics (from Walmart) provide a perfect backdrop for these summer outfits, and the anchor applique in the pattern continues the nautical/summer/Americana theme. And how about that (accidental) prop? E hardly goes anywhere, in or out of the house, without his beloved scooter - he flies down the sidewalk half the day, and when it's time to come in he drags it inside and zooms up and down the kitchen! This boy was made for summer.

Be still, my heart. As much as I miss the toothless grins, those first few teeth are so precious - and make for the best photos!

Don't miss a stop on this tour. It's so packed with red, white, and blue goodness!

Our Amazing "Sew Americana" Tour Lineup:

Monday, June 26: Wild & Wanderful | Handmade Boy | The Wholesome Mama | Marvelous Auntie M | Sew and Tell Project

Tuesday, June 27: EYMM | Middle River Studio | SewSophieLynn | Phat Quarters | Call Ajaire

Wednesday, June 28: Simple Life Pattern Company | Sewing By Ti | Auschick Sews | Nu Me Nu You | Swimming in a Sea of Estrogen

Thursday, June 29: Adventures with Bubba and Bug | Musings of a Seamstress | Elli and Nels | Spindle and Seams | Stylin' Stacy

Friday, June 30: Very Blissful | Stitching and Making | Wild & Wanderful | On Wednesdays We Sew | Fairytale B&T

We would like to give a special thanks to our generous sponsors!

Love Notions | EYMM Modern Designs | Rebecca Page | Patterns for Pirates | Simple Life Pattern Company | Thread & Grain | Designs by Call Ajaire | Simply By Ti | Made for Mermaids | Petite Stichery & Co.

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Petite Stitchery & Co - Poppy Pleated Skirt

It feels like I've been away forever! With kids in school and clingy baby, my sewing time is curtailed and blogging time even more so! But I still make time for those projects I just can't walk away from - and sewing the Poppy Pleated Skirt was one of those! Petite Stitchery & Co has some adorable collections - Poppy is from Spring '17 - and all it took was a couple of tester photos before I knew what I wanted to sew. Browsing around Joann Fabrics got me this gorgeous floral print, and it was even on sale! I got a size 7 (short, plain hem) out of 1 yard.

Initially I thought of pairing Poppy up with a more fitted, tailored-looking blouse. (I have one cut out, but they take longer to, one of these days!) But since the sewalong is going on this week with Sapphire (from the first collection, a great layering top!), a more casual look popped into my head. And - ta-da! - I just happened to have a half yard of striped jersey knit in my stash (I think it came from Hobby Lobby, but don't hold me to that).

I lined the top with a thinner white cotton/Lycra - using the "burrito method" to keep all the seams enclosed, and I hand stitched the bottom so the top is actually completely reversible. No hem stitching to be seen!

...recognize the top? No? Well - it's from the Lily pattern! A very camouflaged Lily. ;) I used the bodice, lengthened just a bit, and drew in a hi-low curve for a simple crop top! I scooped the armscye just a bit more since I wasn't putting in sleeves.

Poppy has an elastic option as well as a zipper - I went with the invisible zipper, since this was only my second time installing one and I need to get better at that! It didn't come out perfect, but darn close - I'm pretty proud of that zipper. Here's an in-process photo, with my basting stitches from the pleats still in - I hand stitched the inside of the waistband as well, so the outside would look neater.

With the zipper option, I suggest sizing up if your child is between (waist) sizes. My older daughter and younger daughter (today's model) wear the same clothing size most of the time, but Miss 6 measures just a half inch or so bigger at the waist. The skirt fits her just so and I can tell it won't make it through the summer on her, so when I make her skirt I'll use the next size - or elastic! On Miss 4 here, it fits beautifully pulled up for a high-waisted look, and since she still has a "toddler belly" it fits lower on the waist as well - really emphasizes the crop top there!

She is so cute. All the posing, by the way, is her. I direct a hand placement here or there, but she is a natural - and she cracks me up! Little diva in her sister's shoes - she was SO happy to model for me, and she loves the twirl that the box pleats give Poppy! 

I love pleating over gathering for the polished look, and I think it's a lot easier to get neat pleats! The pattern has clear instructions if you're like me and forget how to start them. ;) Sizes 2-12 means you can use Poppy for a long time, and three lengths gives you even more versatility! This is the "short" length, which will fall just above or at the knee. There's also "midi" (SO cool looking with a slouchy top) and "maxi", plus a banded option if you want more pop than a plain hem! (There's a Baby Poppy, too, if you need smaller than a 2T, or a bundle if you want all the sizes!)

If you want more gorgeous pictures and inspiration, make sure you join Petite Stitchery's Facebook group and follow their page! You can catch the last few days of the Poppy/Sapphire sewalong, too!

*I received Poppy free, so that I could sew it up and write this post expressing my opinions on the pattern. And we really do like it this much! ;)