Monday, April 23, 2018

Just Jeans Blog Tour: Phresh Jeggings

Thanks, Suzanne, for having me along to blog about the Phresh Jeggings today!
I've been trying to sew patterns I own for a while and use up some fabric stash while I'm at it. I've had this great black jegging knit for about a year now, and the Phresh Jeggings were perfect. Faux front pockets, real back ones, a yoke and faux fly - they're actually a pretty quick sew, especially with a knit fabric!

See, along with my stash busting I've been also trying to make sure I don't make "orphans" for the girls' know the ones. That top or crazy pair of shorts in the super fun print that you had to have - but goes with nothing. Solid color tees and leggings are just not a staple around here, though they should be, and a basic black jegging is a great place to begin for any outfit!

I made a size 10 for the waist, and as you can see, she's got some growing room in the legs. I even shortened them, but clearly not enough. ;) No matter. These are easy wearing, and can be rolled or cuffed and still look great until she grows some more (which no doubt will happen when I'm not looking!)

This pattern has a range from 18m - 14y, so you can use it for a good long time. You can use a true stretch denim (minimum 20% stretch) or jegging knit like these, and the waistband can be self fabric or comfy cotton spandex. This fabric is a good mix of the two - not quite as stretchy but just as soft as cotton spandex, but with the look of denim - they'd look great with all the topstitching/rivets bells and whistles of the real thing, too! Best of both worlds.

The Just Jeans Blog Tour starts today and goes through the week, so make sure you follow along for some fun takes on the Phresh Jeggings, Real Deal Jeans, and Sk8 Skinnies from Winter Wear Designs!

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Lisa Dawson for Winter Wear Design

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Spring into Color Blog Tour

Is spring here yet? It hasn't quite shown up to Wyoming yet, although the sun did show up for a few hours! Of course, later on the same day it disappeared and a few snowflakes showed up, but it was a nice preview!

I've been having fun revamping my wardrobe, and this tour theme gave me the perfect opportunity to show some new colors. A while back, I made a Weekender Tunic (5 out of 4 Patterns) out of a white(!) base French terry, which is very out of my ordinary, but I love it. It's a wonderful spring basic, warm enough for a cool windy day (and we have a lot of those) but light enough when the sun is shining!

I started these Real Deal Jeans (Winter Wear Designs) in January. This was actually my second "muslin", but I finished them completely, details and all, and I'm really happy with them. I was pleased to see that the color of my stretch denim just happens to be similar to the "lime punch" Pantone Spring color. Yay for being done with a pair of jeans! Now I've got the bug to make a few more.

I would never have picked this shade of green myself. I tend to stay with darker autumn tones, and I was happy to "spring" into something new with this one! The jeans go with several tops I already have. I'm really looking forward to adding more of the spring colors into my wardrobe. I have some cinnamon stretch twill from Simply by Ti that is pretty close to the "chili oil", and I've got my eye on another twill at Joann that has several Spring 2018 colors in the print. It's turning out to be fun to branch out and try something new, and I hope by the end of this year I have a complete wardrobe that I really love and enjoy wearing!

Hoping for more sunny days here! The bloggers on the Spring Into Color tour are bringing the brightness, so take a look!

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Monday, March 5, 2018

GYCT Spring Dress Tour: Floral Firecracker

Spring is in the air - in my sewing room, at least, if the outdoors hasn't gotten the message yet!
After months of snow and cold I'm more than ready to welcome spring - the colors, the breezes, the way I can do that is with a fun spring dress by GYCT Designs! Introducing the Firecracker; Spring Style.

I bought the lavender floral fabric off of a Facebook destash post about a year ago; I knew that it would make an adorable dress but I never knew which one! When I started looking for inspiration for the Spring Dress Tour, my eye fell on that fabric right away - then it was just time to find a coordinate. Luckily I had just a scrap of the coral tone-on-tone print, and it just matches the flowers in the main print! I found some lavender ribbon in a box; I love the picot edging! It's so pretty and girly and springy!

Thinking about spring in Wyoming in March is a bit of a joke - just a week or so before I took these photos, we got somewhere in the neighborhood of 6" of snow. (Give or take a couple.) Some had melted by this time, but not I went hunting for layering pieces. We don't really have great indoor locations for photo shoots around here, and I usually make do with the backyard! Luckily I had made a purple tee that matched and found some store bought coral leggings. It was just warm enough to coax my "model" outside with layers on!

I love this little dress. It's simple, but well done - the bodice fully lined, the skirt is nice and full, and the straps can be tied any number of ways (I just knotted mine up, the ribbon doesn't hold a bow all that well!) I used the contrast fabric for lining as well. The only change I made was to round off the edges of the bodice - they are squared in the pattern, but I prefer the rounded look, especially with the delicate florals!

Pattern Details:

sizes 3m - 12
lined bodice
gathered skirt
ribbon or fabric straps
tunic and dress length
printing guide
body measurements
finished length table
strap tying idea photos

Doesn't the Firecracker make you think of warm days and spring breezes in these prints? If you can ignore all that white cold stuff all over the ground, maybe! ;)
Get more spring-spiration this week with the GYCT Designs' Spring Dress Blog Tour: schedule below! I can't wait to see what my fellow bloggers have done with the rest of Chelsea's beautiful dress patterns!

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Also, make sure you enter the giveaway!! And if you make a purchase this week at GYCT Designs' Shop, you can get 15% off your order with the code SPRINGTOUR . Time to think spring!

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

One Thimble: Issue 18 Review

One Thimble Issue 18 is here, and WOW, does it look amazing! When I first started seeing the patterns, I realized I could see fabrics in my stash for every single one of them - isn't that great? I have sewn up two of them, and have two more cut out and waiting! There are 10 patterns included in this issue; all fun, some practical, some whimsical - and even a couple for ladies!

Today I'm sharing the Origami Sweater from Misusu Patterns, which I discovered fairly recently. I have made Elles' Dia Sweater a few times, and am blown away by the precision of the piecing to get a beautiful, unique look. The Origami Sweater is designed with the same careful touches - and the result is nothing less than stunning. I used a drapey sweater knit for my base, so the collar doesn't have as much body as some, but I love how it falls on my toddler's neck and he finds it very "cozy", he says. I also used a treasured scrap of a geo panda print from L'Oiseau Fabrics, and for a pop of color added some burgundy cotton spandex from a Girl Charlee scrap pack. It takes just a tiny bit of fabric to make a huge impact! I'm very pleased with the finished result. Based on my son's measurements, I made a size 2-3Y, though he's just over 3 years. It fits beautifully - remember to measure carefully! If I had gone with a 3-4Y based on his age, it would be too big.

We have had nothing but snow here for 2 days straight, making it difficult to get outdoor photos, but I did get the pieces themselves out for a flat lay - they don't complain about the cold at least! ;)

The second pattern I have sewn up is the Super Tough Jeans pattern from Suco by Susana. I have made jeans a couple of times previously, but was still nervous about taking them on. Now I am telling you - if you are intimidated, don't be!! These jeans were one of the most fun sews I have done in a long time; all of the details are present, and the instructions guide you through so carefully that you won't notice you've done something difficult until it's done! The knee patches are such a wonderful touch (and provide a perfect spot for some fun contrast, should you be so inclined!) I went with one fabric all over; since the star print stretch twill has so much personality itself I didn't want another fabric to compete with it. For the pocket linings I used a simple off white muslin, such as you might find in RTW jeans - these are so professionally designed that of course you don't see that! ;)

Again on measurements, I made a size 4. He actually might have fit into the three based on length, and these are a bit too long - but with children growing so rapidly I would be very disappointed to spend all the time on such detailed pants, only to have him grow out of them completely in another month or so. The waist has buttonhole elastic in the back, ensuring a fit in width, and in the meantime I'll just roll these up a bit when he wears them out. ;)

He's such a sweet boy; only three years old and one of the best models I have in the house! ;)

I just love the color blocked detail on the Origami Sweater. Really takes the design up a notch and it's nothing like you'll find in stores. The Super Tough Jeans include templates for back pocket topstitching designs; E picked his own from the 5 options I showed him.

I didn't want to have to fight with hemming the sweater knit, so I added some simple cuffs to the arms. I wanted them to be about 3-4 inches long, so I cut a piece of fabric twice that (to fold over) by about 85% of the wrist width on the sleeve piece. My sweater knit is very stretchy.

Just look at all of those articles! I found so much of interest in this issue. I was very impressed with the thoroughness of the article on posture/pelvic floor exercises. Not only did it include a detailed description of the pelvic floor muscles, there are exercises laid out, places to find help, and encouragement for why this is so important (for everyone, but crafters especially!) We talk about our "sewjo" and mentally tackling projects, but we need to remember our physical health to be capable of doing all the wonderful things we do!

Speaking of sewjo, there's a fun article on "procraftinating" (and aren't we all pros at that!) Helpful tips and suggestions for things to try when you're stuck in a rut and need some creative inspiration - we all need the reminder from time to time! Looking through Issue 18 I got a ton of inspiration from the photos alone of things to try and ideas to build off of!

Another article that spoke to me was on an often-seen buzzword - hustling! It's easy to get bombarded on social media with tips, tricks, hashtags to remember, social media accounts to maintain, and it can make you a little crazy after a while. The article was a good reminder that while all of that is important, it might not ALL be important - at once. There are certainly some who can "do it all", but if  you're like me and you get overwhelmed by so many options and details, do what you can - and do it well! A positive, thoughtfully maintained presence can go a long way for a business, and that doesn't mean you have to be everywhere at once.

Finally, I want to encourage you to take a look at the article on kantha stitching! Many sewists talk of disliking hand stitching; I am one who has, over time, learned to enjoy it, and with a background of hand embroidery I really enjoy the pop that colorful thread and slow stitches can bring. Kantha stitching is something I have seen before, but didn't know what it was, and now that I have read about it and seen the example photos, I am inspired to make those cushions I've been talking about for months, and add that special detail! The photos really made me stare in awe; it's amazing what beauty our hands can bring out!

Congratulations, Jen, on another fantastic OT issue - and to all the contributors, articles and patterns, THANK YOU for sharing your genius! I am so grateful for my craft and the wonderful community built around it! Make sure you follow the tour and check all the blogs - their creations and insights are sure to inspire!








Monday, January 22, 2018

Oh Sew Kat Doll Clothing Blog Tour!


Doll clothes are kind of my weakness, but lately I've been so busy sewing up great patterns for my kids (and myself!) that I've hardly done any doll sewing at all! I was more than happy to join the Oh Sew Kat doll clothing tour - the patterns are so cute, and turn out so well!

I found the pieces to be well done, and I love the options in this Sunshine Dress. I sewed two versions - one with the included sleeves and a lace overlay, as well as a little tulle ruffle at the bottom (Valentine's Day is coming up!); the other I left sleeveless and finished the armholes with bias tape, turned to the inside (this is not in the pattern but is easy to do). I love anything with princess seams, so I had to try those!

I like the inset on this rosy version. The shape and size is perfect for a little embroidery detail (probably hand, since the pieces are so tiny!) or an overlay like I did.

She's wishing she could go out to play, I think. My girls have been bored with the cold and snow - at least they have dolls to play with (and Mom can sew them some outfits now and then!)

These fun stripes have been in my stash for way too long. I cut the center on the bias for some contrast - and I didn't have to match the stripes then! 

The third option in this pattern is a plain front bodice, so there are a lot of design options for whatever fabric/print/scale you are working with! Oh Sew Kat is on Etsy, Craftsy, and sells through Pixie Faire as well - the designs are for 18 inch, Bitty Baby, Hearts for Hearts, and Wellie Wishers, so whatever popular doll you own, you can find adorable patterns to dress them up with!

We are so excited about the Oh Sew Kat Doll Clothes Blog tour hosted by Seams Sew Lo! Please check out all the wonderful blogs on this tour below:

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Sunday, January 14, 2018

Week 2: 52 Week Sewing Challenge, an upcycle, and pattern testing!

Heeyyy! Week 2 went just as well, sewing almost every day (and when I wasn't actively sewing I was prepping patterns or planning!)

First up: my week 2 pieces (yes, two!) for the 52 Week Sewing Challenge - sew something with the last fabric you bought.

I did actually buy fabric after this black/white rib knit from Miss Mollipolli, but it hadn't arrived yet, so I went with last fabric received since I hadn't bought any locally. I intended it for binding on these Pilot Caps (I love making these!), and digging through my upcycle bin I found this tie dye dress that  I just had to pair with the black and white. I love the juxtaposition of the two fabrics.

The dress is from a local thrift store here, but it originally was a blank, I believe, from Dharma Trading Co. (to my knowledge they don't sell already-dyed clothing.?) I meant to just cut it down enough to make it fit my girls, but I love this transformation even more! It was just the right amount for a 12-18m hat and size 1 MBJM Harem Pants.

Also this week I tested the Bowmont Tee for GYCT Designs. I've tested for Chelsea before, and I'm glad she's back to the sewing/pattern making world after some time off! I'm a sucker for shawl collars, and though my first tester (above, cotton lycra from Raspberry Creek) is adorable, I really feel like this sweater knit from Sincerely Rylee stole the show. The drape is perfect for that collar, and I had to make two matchy-matchy for my sweet boys. I can't get them to model together though. ;) My 3 yr old is a willing participant in a photo shoot as long as he gets candy!

He is the sweetest boy. I told him to smile "big and cute" - definitely got that!

This is his "it's cold out here, mom" pose.

Today is the last day for the Grand Opening sale at, code GRANDOPEN. The tee isn't on sale any longer, but you can get all your purchases 20% off - don't wait! Sale ends tonight.

The Bowmont includes the shawl collar option, as well as a hood or plain neckline. Long sleeves, short sleeves, or sleeveless. There is a banded hem option as well as sewn hem, and an optional kangaroo pocket. All of mine were cut at the same time, shawl, banded, sleeveless - the shawl collar has since been updated to be a bit longer and overlap just a little more in the front, but this is about a 1/2" overlap in my photos.

Some other sewing this week:

Fabric: Scuba knit from Pretty Posh Prints

Another MBJM Harem Pants and Little Lapsi Patterns Pilot Cap set for a baby gift

Fabric: Butterfly Doodles interlock knit from Joann Fabrics, cotton Lycra from Purple Seamstress

Stay tuned for my (mis)adventures with muslining - I'm doing the Make a Muslin Challenge with the Real Deal Jeans (Winter Wear Designs) along with the Sew Altered Style group!